@DocMurdock, CEO of DocMurdock.com & Former PIXAR Macintosh Systems Engineer
First Impression: HOLY CRAP!!! This ROCKS! More later in a full review. Quick, easy...Very COOL. Definitely DocMurdock Approved!

Everything kept in one place

A copy of every thought you posted, every photo you shared, every friend you made, across your social networks, all safe on your computer forever, in a library that you own and control

With SocialSafe you get to see the whole story of you, as it develops

Enjoy your story

With hundreds of friends and thousands of posts, spread across multiple networks, you can easily forget the good times. Not anymore. SocialSafe has a powerful search engine, a smart calendar and an automagic journal that will help you instantly lay your hand on whatever you want, no matter where you posted it.

Michelle Dear
I honestly don't understand why your product isn't listed as "best of the best" in social media backup utilities

David Blumenstein, Founder & Director of Tekworks
Thanks for helping me round up all my social media data, its like herding cats, but you guys let me do it economically #relief

Donna Serdula, Founder of Vision Board Media
The mere fact that it aggregates all of your social networks is amazing. I really love SocialSafe for its search .. it's so hard to find anything on Facebook

Thanks to people like you, our story is unfolding too

What's your story?

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Your story will never be lost

SocialSafe automatically organises your social network activities into a living journal for you to keep forever. It will make great reading one day. Every time something is added to any one of your social networks, it will be added to your SocialSafe.

It's your story, own it

What you do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks is very personal. It's who you are. But right now it only exists on each individual social network. SocialSafe brings everything together, copied onto your computer so it's now yours for safe keeping.

Free download for Windows

See your story unfold

Every interaction you've ever had on Facebook and Twitter, every photo you've shared and discussed on Instagram, every contact you've made through LinkedIn, your pins and your blog posts, all together in SocialSafe for the whole story of you.

Free download for Mac OS X

XP, Vista, 7, 8. 2.33GHz Pentium® 4, Athlon® 64 2800+ or faster, 1GB of RAM

Mac OS 10.4.9 or later, Intel® Core™ Duo or faster, 1GB RAM

It's like Backupify, only you get everything backed up
straight to your computer for total peace of mind

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