Here's a really simple way to pull your online presence into one place

Used in over 90 countries!

@DocMurdock, CEO of & Former PIXAR Macintosh Systems Engineer
First Impression: HOLY CRAP!!! This ROCKS! More later in a full review. Quick, easy...Very COOL. Definitely DocMurdock Approved!

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A copy of everything you said or shared, every photo you posted, every friend you made, all safe on your computer forever. SocialSafe is your life's own library, one you own and control, that gives you instant access to every day


Download to your PC or Mac

Connect your social network accounts

View what you said on any day 

Search for a post, comment, contact, photo tag ...

Relax knowing you have a copy of everything to hand

Click Sync to download all your content privately



Be free as a bird

Whether you pay for our service or not, you'll always be able to view your library and export to your heart's content. Your SocialSafe library cannot be held to ransom.

Own your online life

What you do on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks is very personal. It's who you are. But right now it only exists on the social networks. SocialSafe copies everything to your computer for safe keeping and a whole lot more!

Your data is yours alone and never shared with us. Read our Privacy Statement!

Improve your memory

Every interaction you've ever had on Facebook and Twitter, every photo you've shared and discussed on Instagram, every contact you've made through LinkedIn. Never forget them.

Always be one step ahead

With hundreds of friends and thousands of posts, spread across multiple networks, it can be really hard to track something down. Thankfully SocialSafe has a powerful search engine that will help you instantly put your hand on whatever you need, no matter where you posted it. Warning: Your friends will think you have super powers!

Michelle Dear
I honestly don't understand why your product isn't listed as "best of the best" in social media backup utilities

David Blumenstein, Founder & Director of Tekworks
Thanks for helping me round up all my social media data, its like herding cats, but you guys let me do it economically #relief

Donna Serdula, Founder of Vision Board Media
The mere fact that it aggregates all of your social networks is amazing. I really love SocialSafe for its search .. it's so hard to find anything on Facebook

We've secured hundreds of thousands of social network accounts and are loved by thousands of social media experts

No commitment to buy, annual licences start from just $6.99 a year

Download today and get a 3 month licence absolutely free


Millions of Facebook posts have already been saved, what are you waiting for?


An effortless legacy

SocialSafe automatically organises your social network activities into a journal for you. It will make great reading one day. Maybe you'll cringe at what you used to eat and mock the obsession we all had with pictures of cats, but your children, or your children's children will get A grades in History because of you and your SocialSafe.